Membership in the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations is by invitation from the Board of Directors. Membership is open to those individuals who have an active interest in international affairs and foreign policy issues. Ideally, applicants will have international travel and professional or business experience, and will have a prominent role in civic and professional organizations. The Tulsa Committee emphasizes diversity in its membership, which currently numbers about 250.

Interested individuals usually first attend as guests of current members and are nominated for membership. On occasion, individuals with an interest in TCFR’s programs will hear about the Committee through an appearance by a committee speaker on Studio Tulsa on KWGS or through an article in the Tulsa World. After contacting the Committee, these individuals are normally invited to attend a meeting as a guest of TCFR and may subsequently apply to the Board of Directors for membership.

Members pay an annual dues (currently $150 for a single membership and $200 for a dual membership). Having made advance reservations, attendees pay for their dinners, usually via a check at the door (currently $50 per person).

Student guests

Thanks to generous voluntary contributions from members, students from Tulsa-area high schools and universities are invited to meetings as guests of TCFR. Advance reservations are required. Students interested in an upcoming meeting should contact TCFR to arrange for an invitation.

Nomination for membership

Current members are invited to nominate individuals for membership. It is the practice of the TCFR Board of Directors to require that persons who are invited to membership have previously attended a Committee program as a guest.